Essential Photography Hardware

The question that gives many photography novices sleepless nights is WHERE DO I START? Photography can seem like an easy endeavour to an outsider, but once they delve into the intricate details of it all, they are met with a steep learning curve that leaves many confused. So what are the essential items that a new photographer needs?

A Camera

This is the essential item in the list. Knowing the right camera can be the difference between getting those good shots you admire every day and a terrible aftertaste. There are so many camera options in the market that choosing the right one to use can be a headache. Take time to research first.

A Good lens

There are thousands of different lenses out there that each serves different purposes. Most cameras come with a kit containing a lens, which in layman’s terms is just a basic lens necessary for the functioning of the camera. Research on what each lens is capable of before purchasing anything.

Memory Cards

Having evolved from the film cameras of yonder days, most digital cameras store data in memory cards, which come with their own specifications. A good memory card has a higher writing speed, which basically means the ability to store data quickly as shot without incapacitating the functioning of the camera.


Not really a necessity for a professional photographer, but definitely a good thing to have for a novice. It helps in stabilizing shots, especially if you are into videography. It never plays a huge part in still photography. Good news is that they come cheap and are easy to use.

A Photography Bag

Cameras are fragile equipment and they take physical damage quite hard. Many novices end up breaking their gear even before they take off, this is where a camera bag comes in handy as it is specially designed to carry all the equipment needed. Most come with separate compartments for lenses, batteries, and the camera body itself.

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