Genres of Photography

When Nicephore Niepce took what is considered to be what resembles the modern photograph in 1816, not many imagined that one day, day photography as art would grow to the level it has grown today. So vast has the evolution of photography been that it now has genres within itself. Some of the top genres of photography include:

Architectural Photography

This is capturing of building visuals that seem to be interesting and appealing at the same time. Architecture is an art in itself and it has attracted photographers all over the world who undertake trips to take shots of famous structures like the Tower of Pissa, Eiffel Tower, and others.

Fashion Photography

The fashion industry is a multi-billion behemoth that largely depends on photography for its visuals. The use of models to showcase new garments, jewelery, skin care products and the likes cannot be achieved without the photography.

Landscape Photography

This is the type of photography that portrays nature’s scenery. From rolling hills, valleys, forests, oceans and rivers, to basically everything that has to do with the natural state of the environment.


The capturing of live events with the aim of informing the world about them is called photojournalism. War photography falls under this genre as it involves the photographer going into the danger zone to capture the events as they happen.


The capturing of people’s moods and expressions. This involves a lot of face snapshots since that is where all the emotions are visible. It is the most popular form of photography since human emotions can be complex.

Wildlife Photography

As the name itself suggests, this involves capturing wild animals in their natural habitats. It is the most difficult form of photography since wild animals are the most unpredictable things to photograph. They are not supposed to see the photographer for the shots to be natural.

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