Most Photographed Buildings in the World

Architectural buildings have always held a great fascination point to photographers and as a result of this, many professional photographers have made it their life’s goal to shoot the best photographs of some of these iconic buildings. There even are competitions that pit them against each other and the photographs that get submitted are a marvel to look at, to say the least. Some of the best-photographed buildings include:

The JBR Beachside – Dubai

Completed in 2010 and sitting on a 2 square kilometre area, this waterfront resort is a favourite of many photographers and images of it have made it into short lists of the various photography competition.

De Rotterdam – Netherlands

This iconic building that was designed by Rem Koolhaas and completed in 2013, is a magnet for architectural photographers. With its gravity defying shape, many photographers travel to Netherlands just to get a shot of it.

St. Stephen’s Basilica – Budapest, Hungary

This beautiful structure is among the most photographed buildings in Europe and yet, it is not even the largest church in Hungary. It’s colourful interior laden with Byzantine murals always look good in a photograph.

Piazzale Michelangelo – Florence, Italy

Florence is a city full of history and culture dating back to the 1600s. Having been a major trading centre for the whole of Italy, and by extension Europe, where people converged to trade, party and even gamble, you can find casino guides here, it was able to develop with time which led to the rise of magnificent structures that still stand to this day attracting photographers from all over the world.

Maiden’s Tower – Istanbul, Turkey

At the entrance of the Bosphorus strait where the European and Asian continents meet stands the magnificent Maiden’s Tower surrounded by blue waters. The juxtaposition of the tower against the blue waters and the sky makes it an iconic place to photograph and visitors stream there all year to catch a snap of it.

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