The Top Cameras Used in Photography

Each year, the top manufacturers of digital cameras unveil new products in a bid to stamp their authority on the digital camera market. For a long time, the war had been fought between Nikon and Canon, but in recent years, we have had new players enter the fray and as a result, consumers now have lots of quality options when it comes to selecting a digital camera. So which cameras are the best when it comes to photography?

Sony Alpha A5000

This mirror less camera made its debut about 2 years ago and has taken the camera enthusiast by storm. Boasting of 20 megapixels and a 3-inch tilt screen, Sony Alpha A5000 has a very crisp resolution that will leave any photographer clamoring for more. It comes with a Wi-Fi connectivity.


When Nikon launched the D5300 to replace D5200, many people didn’t realise it’s finer qualities instantly as they thought it was just another imitation of the D5200, but contrary to the popular belief, this beast packs a punch with 24 megapixels, a 3.2 inch screen, and HD Movie capability, It is among the best in the digital camera range.

Canon EOS 5D

A camera list is never complete without a mention of a Canon product. Canon has proved to be the home of quality cameras when it comes to both photography and videography. The 5D comes with a 30 megapixels resolution, a 3.2-inch touchscreen and shoots movies in 4k, the cost is cringe worthy.

Panasonic Lumix

Having lived in the shadows of Canon and Nikon for years, Panasonic finally made a comeback when they launched the Lumix line of cameras, and at the top of that family stands the impressive Panasonic Lumix ZS100 which packs 20 megapixels, a 3-inch screen at the back as well as 4k capabilities when it comes to movie, the best part is the price, $600 only.

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