Photography is usually approached by many people as more of a hobby than something that can be taken seriously as a career. This is a very big mistake since if photography if well handled and well studied, it can be one of the most lucrative careers in the world. And all it takes is dedication and practice. Some of the top jobs that a photographer can make money from include:

  • Wedding Photography

Weddings all over the world share one thing in common, glamour. And where there is glamour, a camera is never far away. A photographer can charge a minimum of $1000 for covering a wedding, which takes less than 4 hours. If you consider the little hours needed and the cash rewards afterwards, it is quite a good career

  • Sports Photography

Newspapers and news sites are what they are because of the photographs that accompany the articles; none require photographs more than sports magazines and sites. Sports photography pays very well, especially if it involves covering major sporting events like the Olympics, the world cup, or even the European domestic leagues.

  • Product Photography

Product advertising is vital for any business. People need to see the products for them to be able to buy them; this has become vital in this age of online shopping, as businesses are resorting to selling their wares through their websites. The task of taking the photographs for the websites can bring good returns for any photographer who specialises in this field.

  • Fashion Photography

World-renowned magazines like Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan and more, rely heavily on photography. The fashion industry is so big that a lot of money is invested in photography. This ranges from model shoots, jewellery products, and the most lucrative of them all, apparel brand photography. The artistic freedom allowed is another added bonus for photographers who are lucky enough to land a gig in the fashion industry

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